Sectors We Cover

nuvideo have a wealth of experience in consultation, design and installation of passenger information systems in transportation environments.

Working with the NHS for over 25 years, we have helped in their drive to use technology to transform services, improve communication, and deliver better healthcare results.

Information and communication are critical elements of any control room or operations centre. Realtime information, often displaying mission critical data, must be highly visible and must integrate with a seamless flow of internal and external communications.

Our expertise gives us a clear understanding of the needs and requirements of corporate businesses, when it comes to collaboration and communication, you need a solution that will meet the demands of a modern corporate organisation.

The ever-increasing pressures on our legal and justice systems are clear for all to see. This trend is driving the demand for innovative technology solutions to help improve efficiencies within these systems and to ultimately deliver more timely resolutions.

Recent events have led to an unparalleled transformation of workplaces across the globe. This has manifested in an unprecedented demand for technology which enables new ways of working, with businesses adopting hybrid and flexible working practices as the new normal.